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PGI names first sustainability officer

bandagesWho knew diapers, bandages and wipes could be so technologically advanced? Polymer Group Inc. (PGI) is not only a leading producer of such non-woven, engineered materials, but has now named its first chief sustainability officer to help its operations become more green.

John Heironimus, PGI’s chief marketing officer, will lead the North Carolina-based company’s efforts to measure its impact on the environment. Among the planned initiatives: public reporting of the company’s energy and water consumption, along with carbon emissions.

In a world of shrinking resources and mounting environmental concerns, the expectations of all our stakeholders are changing,” Heironimus said. “Our corporate commitment to sustainability is both the ethical and prudent thing to do.”

Added CEO Veronica “Ronee” Hagen, “We are committed to achieving leadership in sustainability in our industry. We see this as not only an essential matter of corporate responsibility, but also an important area of collaboration with our key customers and suppliers.”

Among PGI’s products are baby diapers, feminine care products, bandages, gauze, face masks, medical gowns and cleaning wipes.

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  • Jim Sanders
    Posted February 24, 2009 at 10:30 pm

    I am trying to convince my hospital ceo that hiring a sustainability officer is prudent. can you give me any arguments, advice or anectdotes to help reinforce that assertion? Jim Sanders

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