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PG&E looking for biomethane hook-up


Just between me and you, if you hear the word biomethane, you think of windy-pops don’t you? Well, prepare to think of bottom burps a little more, as Greenbang regales you with tales of Pacific Gas and Energy’s need for a biomethane partner.According to, the utility is on the hunt for chum to help build a demonstration biomethanation plant.

PG&E said it’s hoping to encourage the development of pre-commercial biomethanation systems. Biomethanation is the process of converting biomass to biomethane.[…]That gas is captured from cow manure, but PG&E is looking for projects that go beyond cow pies and look at pipeline-quality gas derived from agricultural crops and wood wastes.”Generally, those items have been burned for generating electricity on demand, and we would like to explore available technologies for turning them into gas,” said Zerwer.

PG&E looking for biomethane hook-up – The Global View

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