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PC World launches energy saving Eco PC

PC World has launched its first energy saving computer, which it claims uses only a fifth of the energy used by the average PC.

The Advent Eco PC uses just 25w – about half the power it takes to light the typical light bulb, with the energy differential primarily coming from its fan-less self-cooling system.

The environmental benefits do not end there, with its plastic case made from 75 per cent recycled materials. Packaging has also been minimised by printing the setup guide on the side of the box.

The PC is also backed by the Energy Saving Trust, with its trade marketing head Adrian Arnold saying:

“We applaud the development of this low-energy consuming PC as this is a means for all of us to save energy and money at home.”

The Eco PC is backed up by an Intel T520 core 2 Duo processor, 2GB ram and 160GB hard drive.

Green it may be but budget it certainly isn’t. The Eco PC weighs in at a penny under £600 for the base on its own and a penny under £700 for the base and monitor. But PC World claims you’ll save £35 a year in power costs compared to using a traditional PC.

More on the PC World website here.

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  • John James
    Posted May 13, 2010 at 2:54 pm

    After looking over this blog post I took a look around the site. You have done a great job gathering all this information.

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