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Paris Hilton swaps 4×4 for hybrid, err 4×4…

esh08_hipa_sm.jpgAlthough everyone’s tired of hearing about her, Greenbang’s come under pressure to give a convict a break and publish this.

Paris Hilton was given a Ford Escape Hybrid, according Autobloggreen, to stop her driving a Range Rover.

But – you can’t really say that any of the big 4×4 cars are eco friendly, even if run as hybrids. This one manages 30 miles to the gallon on the motorway and 34 mpg in the city. 

That new VW Polo Blue Motion jobby does 60 mpg. Nuff said?

She uttered these words:

“I’m getting a car from Ford, a hybrid one. They gave me one. So, I think driving hybrid cars is the new way to go, and recycling. I just want this world to be a better place for my grandchildren. I’m scared with what’s going on in the environment, so I hope people will help and make a difference. Everyone can.”

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