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Own your own wind turbine

turbineThere’s an alternative energy place in Wales called the CAT Centre. The locals have all clubbed together and bought shares in not one, but two wind turbines.

The locals use the power and sell any excess back to the grid.

Imagine that – going into business with old granny Miggins down the road. It’d be all very well if you had enough power, but what if she had all her electric radiators on all through winter.

You might find yourself getting a bit peed off with Mrs Miggins in her toasty-warm house.

Anyway – community-owned wind power. Here’s another example of plans to do the same in the US, that good old publication, the Farm and Ranch Guide, informs us.

A meeting was held during the recent Northern Ag Expo in Fargo to inform farmers and ranchers of the investment opportunities the project offers.

“Why let a large corporate developer come in and develop our wind resource – when all of the profits are exported to another state?” asked Lloyd Anderson, a consultant to the board of governors of M-Power LLC, the local corporation working to establish the wind power project.

“When a corporate wind developer comes in and develops a resource, it makes payments to the landowners on the site where those turbines reside, but all the rest of the profits from the wind farm go back to where ever their headquarters are,” he continued.

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