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Orb wins $1m for Indian solar selling

sky2.jpgPerusing the website of Orb Energy, Greenbang was taken on a mental musical mystery tour. The landing page of the site bears the legend ‘you’ve got the power. Before Greenbang could get any deeper into the site, she was assailed mentally by thoughts of Snap’s mid 90s charttopper The Power and then subsequently, Spandau Ballet’s Gold (you’ve got the power to knooooooooooooooow, you’re indestructible, always believe iiiiiiiiiiiiin you are gold (GOLD!) etc)

Imagine the excitement. And she hadn’t even got to the news section. And then, when she did, she pulled out this little gem: solar system seller Orb has nabbed itself $1 million shiny dollars in an award from the US State Department “in support of the goals of the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate.

Orb said it plans to have up to 70 branches up and running in the Indian state of Karnataka by the end of this year. What can you do in an Orb branch? Why, this!

At an Orb Energy branch, customers can purchase solar photovoltaic systems for back up power, solar thermal systems for hot water, and a range of solar lighting solutions. Orb also helps customers arrange a loan and provides long-term service.

What’s it going to do with the cash? Orb said:

The APP award will assist with the development of Orb’s franchise partners who manage and operate its branch network. Orb will also use the award to execute in-country assembly of Swiss-designed inverters, and to enter India’s newly emerging grid- connected market for solar.

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