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Orange monitors pollution over mobile networks


Vive Cagnes-sur-Mer! With a French A level to her name, Greenbang is something of a Francophile – blame the croissants and cheap red wine if you must – and also something of a mobile-phile. Or should that be a mo-phile?

Which is why Greenbang is excited – so very very excited – to hear all about Cagnes-sur-Mer, a French town where a sustainable city project is being trialled by Orange. The mobile operator says:

Using a multi-network solution (radio, GPRS, Internet), providing coverage of isolated areas, connected to standard sensor/triggers, the city government has access to a wide choice of usable information for optimum management of the city: temperature sensors (sea water, air), sound sensors (detection of noise pollution), air pressure sensors, UV index sensors, and hydrometric sensors.

The data is then transmitted automatically to a server able to perform a broad range of operations: communication (city information web site), management (automation of sprinkling, of lighting) and safety (pollution alert, fire alert, flooding). The panel for communicating the information is equally extensive: sending of SMS, voice messages, e-mail notification, faxes, etc.

C’est magnifique!