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OPEC goes for carbon capture


Greenbang’s interest in the oil industry was founded on a healthy interest in Dallas. The comings and going in South Fork wasted many a pleasant Sunday afternoon, despite the fact that she can’t remember who killed JR in the end.

Now reading that OPEC countries are getting their wallets out to the tune of $750 million in a effort to counter climate change, Greenbang wonders what JR would have said. Some priceless nugget like: ”I wouldn’t give you the dust off my car!”

But back to OPEC which, according to AFP is going down the carbon capture and storage route:

“OPEC leaders will insist on the importance of technology to enable the use of “clean oil,” notably carbon capture and storage, to help fight global warming. The leaders “stress the importance of cleaner and more efficient petroleum technologies for the protection of the local, regional and global environment, and the importance of expediting the development of technologies that address climate change, such as carbon capture and storage.”

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