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One to watch? Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd…

logo.gifCeramic Fuel Cells, a company based in Australia, is making some waves in the UK and the rest of Europe.

It has just shipped one of its a NetGenPlus energy units here as part of an agreement with E.On and Gledhill Water Storage in a bid to make micro-combined heat and power products for the British market.

The units are powered by the company’s metal-ceramic fuel-cell stack, running on widely available natural gas. They can be connected to existing gas and electricity networks. In November 2007, the NetGenPlusTM unit was awarded CE approval, enabling the units to be deployed throughout Europe.

The units are being integrated with the partners’ high efficiency boiler units to create micro-combined heat and power products.

EWE in Germany, Gaz de France in France, E.On UK Ltd in the UK and Nuon in Holland have signed up. Combined, CFCL’s utility customers have more than 20 million customers across Europe.

One to watch? Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd… – The Global View

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