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One firm’s ‘reverse globalisation’ to cut carbon

palletsAn Oregon-based pallet manufacturer plans to reduce its carbon footprint (PDF) by relocating production operations in Spain and Korea back to a new 50,000-square-foot facility in Portland.

GreenLight Pallet Company, which makes lightweight and recyclable corrugated pallets, says the move could also inject as much as $250 million into the Oregon economy.

“It’s a perfect time to transition into the Portland market,” said Jon Girod, GreenLight’s founding member.

GreenLight’s pallets, made from recycled cardboard, help improve supply chain efficiency because they weigh just one-fourth as much as traditional wood pallets.

“The unique design allows us to adapt to customers’ needs, while also reducing fuel and even insurance costs through the product’s safe and easy handling without requiring mechanical assistance,” Girod said.

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