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Two fat ladies go green

Bingo is now the most popular leisure activity for women between 20 and 25 years old, according to a recent study. Greenbang wonders how the study arrived at these figures given that her friends in that particular demographic are more likely to be propping up a bar somewhere than listening to a tangerine coloured man (or woman) make cheesy puns about numbers. But hey, the numbers never lie.

Now it’s going all green with the All Bingo Club running environmentally friendly bingo promotions “aimed at helping raise awareness for the environment, while still offering a great time playing bingo!”

The online bingo provider will let players offset their PC’s carbon emissions while playing bingo. For every new player that joins, enough trees will be planted to cancel out the 135kg of CO2 that one PC generates in a year.

The All Bingo Club has even revamped two bingo calls to give them a green feel. Players gaining a full house on “number 3 Plant a tree,” will get a tree planted in their name, and “number 73 Queen Bee” will receive an additional £73 pounds, to raise awareness of the honey bee whose numbers are falling as a result of climate change.

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