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Nuclear – the answer to clean water?


In a bit of ‘and the lion shall lie down with the lamb’ news, Greenbang has learnt this week that nuclear could apparently be the answer to future shortages of clean water.

According to Science Daily, researchers are already on the case using “waste energy” from power stations for desalination:

“A. Raha and colleagues at the Desalination Division of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, in Trombay, point out that Low-Temperature Evaporation (LTE) desalination technology utilizing low-quality waste heat in the form of hot water (as low as 50 Celsius) or low-pressure steam from a nuclear power plant has been developed to produce high-purity water directly from seawater. Safety, reliability, viable economics, have already been demonstrated.”

Greenbang is inspired by this unlikely pairing and is off to try and get a whale to adopt a tiger.