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NTR does Stirling $100m solar hook-up

solar-panel.jpgIrish renewables firm NTR is handing over $100 million to US solar company Stirling Energy Systems to help them deliver two massive plants.

This initially confused Greenbang. A quick scout around on the internet showed her you could get several massive plants delivered for a couple of hundred quid if you just went to Interflora and got silly with your credit card.

But no. To paraphrase Obi Wan Kenobi, these are not the massive plants you’re looking for.

The two massive plants in question are a pair of the world’s largest solar energy plants, located in the Imperial Valley and the Mojave Desert to provide energy to Southern California. The two will now be built by Stirling, thanks to the $100 million investment from NTR.

For its pains (read cash), NTR will get a controlling stake in Stirling. Stirling will get the two power plants, able to produce 800 MW of power when built, to be expanded to 1,750 MW in the future.

NTR does Stirling $100m solar hook-up – The Global View

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