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Now even tanks are going hybrid

mortarThe green debate has clearly evolved. It started off with concerned citizens starting to make new choices aimed at cutting their environmental impact, such as cycling instead of driving, buying local goods, or turning off unneeded lights.

But now, even the military is getting in on the act (although clearly it’s not like we’re going to be awarding them any “green citizen” badges, given what they do with the stuff).

BAE Systems has announced a “hybrid electric drive system” for some of its ground combat vehicles as part of a programme for the US Army’s Future Combat Systems.

The test held today in Santa Clara marks a significant milestone in technological maturity of the hybrid electric drive system. Today’s test is the first evaluation of the complete MGV hybrid electric system consisting of the engine, generator, generator dissipater controller, traction drive system, energy storage system, and cooling subsystem. The hybrid electric drive is the cornerstone of integrated power management designed to meet the demands of future ground combat vehicles in a networked environment while allowing the tailoring of power and cooling dictated by the mission.

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