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Novell joins Green Grid

Novell today announced that it has joined The Green Grid, a consortium of information technology companies and professionals committed to improving energy efficiency in the data centre. As a contributing member, Novell is working with other members of The Green Grid, such as AMD, Dell, HP, IBM and Microsoft, to develop technology which aims to reduce data centre energy usage globally.

Through this collaboration, Novell will help customers reduce the power consumption in their data centre through the operating system virtualisation built into the SUSE(R) Linux Enterprise platform and the management tools that comprise the Novell(R) ZENworks(R) product suite. As a result, customers can lower the cost of managing their data centres while also helping the environment.

“Reducing energy consumption in the data centre is one of the most significant issues facing companies today,” said Rick Schuckle, director of The Green Grid. “Novell’s commitment to The Green Grid, in conjunction with our other key

industry organisations, raises awareness for this escalating challenge and demonstrates the possibility of developing real-world business solutions that are a win-win for corporations and the community.”

A key area of focus around data centre efficiency for Novell is virtualisation. Virtualisation technology, like Xen* on SUSE Linux Enterprise server, can increase energy efficiency by reducing the number of physical servers an organisation has running, thus reducing the demand for power. Virtualisation offers customers a substantial benefit as long as they can easily manage their environment. With the Novell ZENworks Orchestrator and Virtual Machine Management, customers can simplify the management of their virtual machines, thus improving flexibility and reducing costs without impacting the operation of their data centre.

“It is critical that customers find solutions for making their data centres energy efficient without slowing down the speed of business,” said Eric Anderson, vice president of engineering at Novell. “Working with The Green Grid, Novell will further help to shape efficient data centres by contributing to the development of technology standards and best practices that decrease power consumption while increasing productivity.”

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