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Norwegian firm offers green power for wireless sites

sunNorwegian power technology firm Eltek Valere has partnered with key solar component vendors to become a “one-stop shop” for carriers investing in green and sustainable power solutions for wireless and broadband remote sites.

The company’s Global Sourcing Team (GST) has negotiated supply agreements with global vendors of solar panels, cyclic batteries and tracking systems. With peripheral hardware being sourced locally, Eltek Valere and its new partners can now deliver complete solar and hybrid power offerings to both existing and new networks globally.

The firm has also announced the release of its new Flatpack2 HE Solar Converter, which provides maximum power point tracking (MPPT) to optimise energy utilisation of the solar panels and galvanic isolation for improved safety and reliability. The solar converter is based on Eltek Valere’s High Efficiency (HE) technology, which delivers 96-per cent efficiency and cuts power loss and heat generation in half compared to conventional technology.

“The technology is available to make solar power an effective energy source for telecom applications in remote areas with limited or no access to electricity grid,” said Morten Schoyen, Eltek Valere chief marketing officer. “We’re taking a major step toward bringing this environmental consciousness into global telecommunications by providing a complete and viable solar or hybrid solution that service providers can implement quickly and that makes financial sense.”

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