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Norfolk residents encouraged to recycle vegetable oil

cromer.jpgCromer’s Christmas lights will be shining especially bright this year, meaning the Grinch of Greenbang present certainly won’t be visiting. Kudos to Norfolk County Council though for initiating a scheme that encourages residents to save any unused vegetable oil for one of the 18 recycling points. It will then be turned into biofuel.

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Tonnes of old cooking oil that would otherwise clog up plug-holes or be dumped will soon be used in Norfolk to generate enough electricity to power a town the size of Cromer.

Bah humbug…

But Norwich residents will not yet be able to recycle oil and will either have to drive to a rural drop-off point – and therefore undo the green objective – or find some other means of discarding oil.

The best laid plans, Norfolk.

If this was all collected and refined, the resulting biofuel could generate more than 13,000 megawatt hours of electricity per year, the equivalent to the annual average consumption of around 2,200 households.

More about that here:

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