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Nintendo – Wii behind

Greenpeace has released the sixth issue of its ‘Guide to Greener Electronics‘ – scoring companies on their policies on toxic chemicals and recycling. Companies are given ratings out of 10.

Microsoft didn’t do very well with a score of 2.7, partly due to their long timeline for toxic chemicals elimination. They did, however fair better than Phillips who didn’t have a timeline.

Nintendo, though, are the first global brand to ever score a complete zero in every category, some of which included:

Reports on amount of waste electrical and electronic equipment collected and recycled.

PVC-free and/or BFR-free models

“The ranking criteria reflect the demands of the Toxic Tech campaign to the electronics companies. Our two demands are that companies should:

  • Clean up their products by eliminating hazardous substances
  • Takeback and recycle their products responsibly once they become obsolete.

The two issues are connected. The use of harmful chemicals in electronics prevents their safe recycling when the products are discarded. Companies score marks out of 30, which are then recalculated to give a mark out of 10 for simplicity.”

Sony Ericsson and Samsung came out on top, both with scores of 7.7

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