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News you might have missed: 8 April 2009

newspapersDon’t worry if you can’t get to all those cleantech newsletters in your inbox: Greenbang’s here with your daily summary of news and developments you might have missed:

  • The Finnish firm Elisa is testing a pilot project that uses wind energy to power its mobile network in Hyvinkää;
  • Wired reports that the British Navy is using email as a tool to help in its fight against Somali pirates;
  • The United Firefighters Union of Australia has sent an open letter to the government urging it to better address climate change and disaster preparedness;
  • Germany-based aleo solar AG plans to expand its market in the US if the country makes good on its efforts to increase adoption of renewable energy sources;
  • Nine of 11 scientists surveyed by Reuters believe climate change is likely to pass the 2 degrees Celsius tipping point expected to set off “dangerous” global impacts;
  • New Energy Technologies Inc. has unveiled a prototype MotionPower™ energy harvesting device — a first-of-its-kind mechanical system engineered to exploit the energy wasted by moving cars and light vehicles in order to generate electricity.

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