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News you might have missed: 21 May 2009

newspapersSo what else is happening in the world of cleantech lately? Here are some news stories and headlines you might have missed:

  • The University of Hertfordshire’s hydrogen-powered racing car has just been test driven by GMTV presenter, Clare Nasir, in a move to raise the profile of low-carbon technologies;
  • A bid to set a new world land-speed record using world-class research has attracted over 1,000 organisations who will use the project to inspire the young through an education programme. The “Bloodhound” project, led by Richard Noble of the UK, plans a car capable of 1000 mph — a speed 30 per cent faster than any car has gone before;
  • A dairy in Aberdeenshire is reducing its vehicle carbon emissions by using cooking oil as fuel in its vans;
  • The Environmental Defense Fund has published an infographic illustrating how capping carbon creates jobs;
  • The renewable energy sector will start recovering from the economic slowdown when companies can push through initial public offerings (IPOs) for startups, a survey seen by Reuters of investors shows;
  • Some researchers hope to turn plants into a renewable, nonpolluting replacement for crude oil. To achieve this, scientists have to learn how to convert plant biomass into a building block for plastics and fuels cheaply and efficiently.

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