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New gizmo aims to improve heating efficiency

taddyGreenbang likes the sound of this story. A greying boffin knocking around in his shed in Yorkshire (well, we reckon it’s the shed) has come up with a new gizmo that improves the efficiency of heating systems–chopping your bill and cutting carbon emissions.

Stan Whetsone (the fine chap pictured left) reckons his device — which he’s named the Tadpole — has improved his home’s heating efficiency by 30, cutting his bills from £600 to £420. And it’s all yours for £195.

Over the last 12 months, Stan has not only been piloting his own Tadpole with considerable success but he already has a number of other very satisfied customers. J.P Westalls of Hexham fitted a Tadpole to a persistently problematic gas central heating system earlier this year and, to the delight of the customer, witnessed an almost immediate and dramatic improvement in efficiency with radiators that hadn’t been heating up at all, rapidly becoming hot. Similarly, Mr. Goodyear of Nottingham very quickly found it necessary to turn his gas heating system down by a third after fitting a Tadpole unit, resulting in equivalent savings on his bills.

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