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New Delhi scooter enjoys the sun

Scooter RomeBeing a bit of a biker chick Greenbang was never a fan of scooters.  She had found them claustrophobic, slow and annoying.  Motorbikes, mountain bikes and road bikes were fantastic but she never got to grips with the other two wheeled contraption.

But the lady now finds herself tempted to seek out a scooter.  One in particular.  The Daily India has reported that a twenty eight year old from New Delhi, Rafi Alam, has designed one that can run on both solar energy as well as wind power.  It’s ideal for the city too, giving a range of 50-60 miles at a speed of 34-40mph.

The scooter is fitted with a few electrical gadgets and uses both solar and wind energy simultaneously to charge a battery that then runs the vehicle.

The solar panel is installed on the front of the vehicle while a fan that delivers wind energy has been mounted on the front wheel cap.

Now, do you think Rome already has its orders in

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