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New database helps farmers tap wind-energy funds

pound-noteA new database enables UK farmers to find out which grants they might be entitled to to help them buy and install small wind turbines.

The database was launched by Loughborough-based Evance, a small wind turbine manufacturer, and its main UK distributor, Segen.

Farmers using the database can find local information on the grants available via the EU’ss Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, which totals €345 million. Administered by the UK’s regional development agencies, the grants range from £10,000 to £60,000, or up to 40 per cent of the installation cost.

To access the database, contact Segen at

Segen has installed more than 50 Evance wind turbines across the UK providing power to farm houses and farm buildings. These turbines do more than reduce a farm’s carbon footprint: farmers who install wind turbines are also rewarded for the amount of power that they generate through Ofgem’s Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs).

All of Segen installations include a ROC meter accredited by Ofgem. A new grid feed-in tariff to be launched in 2010 will also provide farmers with a return on any power that they generate and do not use.

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