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Nanosolar produce third wave solar technology – cheaper and more efficient

Solar PanelIf cheap, efficient energy sources are the new black, then Nanosolar – backed by co-founders of Google – is showing its dark side.

Business Spectator reports

Other companies that also specialise in ‘thin-film solar’ technology also use CIGRs, but require a vacuum chamber to disperse the particles. Nanosolar says its method of printing is cheaper and more effective. It can literally produce huge rolls of the product that are metres wide and up to kilometers long.

Nanotechnology is part of the so called ‘third wave’ of solar power devices. The first used thick silicon wafer cells, but they were cumbersome and expensive. The second used very thin silicon layers, and managed to reduce the cost by half. The third wave being led by Nanosolar uses materials than can be printed directly on to conducting surfaces, and claims to be able to cut costs to one third of previous technologies.

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