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M&S lags rivals on recycling, says it’s got “much more” to do

reOh dear, after its much hyped Plan A campaign, with green stores and more, it appears Marks & Spencer isn’t doing too well on a new recycling report.

The Local Government Association report says that less M&S food packaging (just 60%) can be recycled than any of its main rivals, such as Asda (70%) and especially when compared to market traders (79%).  (See the full story here).

In response, M&S put up a new press release, admitting that it has “much more yet to do”:

Mike Barry, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Marks & Spencer, said: “We’ve set ourselves clear and demanding targets under Plan A, to reduce our packaging* and only use materials that can be easily recycled or composted. While we’ve made good progress over the last 12 months, we know there’s still much more yet to do in both areas.

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