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Move to low-carbon economy should benefit all, forum urges

TechnoA new government forum has begun working to make sure the transition to a low-carbon economy will benefit workers, businesses and consumers in the UK.

The Forum for a Just Transition, which met for the first time today, is chaired by Business Minister Pat McFadden and includes representatives from government, unions, industry and consumers.

The forum will examine which key sectors of the economy and key technologies will ensure the UK can lead in the low-carbon industries of the future. It will also look at how to help existing industries and workers develop the knowledge, skills and business practices needed to succeed in a low-carbon future.

“The Forum for a Just Transition will help us work to ensure all people have a stake in the low-carbon economy and the opportunities it brings,” McFadden said. “That is why the government have announced investment of up to £240 million in wind and marine power, an additional £30 million in low-carbon vehicles on top of the existing £400 million, as well as tax relief on the purchase of electric vans and cars for businesses. It is why we have established the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Centre in Sheffield — a facility that will help UK-based firms reach the standards required to supply components to the nuclear industry.

McFadden continued, “There is a danger that responding to climate change can become abstract or an issue for the elite, driven simply by a commitment to change individual behaviour, when what it can be is a huge new industrial and employment opportunity for the country, one that cherishes the planet and gives people a real stake in a greener future.”

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