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More on the ’24’ carbon-torture tradeoff

digital-clockIntrigued by the news that the Fox drama “24” is the first television series to become carbon neutral? Love or hate the Rupert Murdoch-owned network, the greening efforts appear to be truly sincere.

Writing today in his blog, “Climate Progress,” Joseph Romm goes into great detail about why Murdoch — the Aussie that gave the world Fox News, among other things — has come to believe that “climate change poses clear, catastrophic threats.” Romm also provides a wealth of insights into many actions Fox is taking to reach its goal of complete carbon neutrality by 2010.

It’s almost impossible to believe, coming as it does from the media mogul (Murdoch, that is) we could argue contributed more to the downfall of American newspapers — and journalism — than anyone else. But Murdoch attributes his change of heart to the climate-induced changes he’s seen in his own hometown, Melbourne.

Romm’s post makes for a good read, though we agree with his conclusion: if Murdoch is serious about tackling climate change, he needs to also tackle the denier-heavy “news” coverage that emits from Fox News every day.

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