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Mission One motorbike delivers speed, zero emissions

mission_one_sideHere’s yet another cleantech debut from this year’s TED (for “Technology, Entertainment, Design”) conference in California (see the previous one here): the super-fast, ultra-cool and zero-emissions Mission One motorbike.

The Mission One’s designers combined a high-performance electric motor with lithium-ion batteries to produce what they say is the “fastest production electric motorcycle in the world.”

How fast? Up to 150 miles per hour (241.4 kilometers per hour). Other perks: a range of 150 miles, a battery that recharges in two hours and super-fast acceleration without the need for gear-shifting.

The motorbike also boasts a sleek design courtesy of Yves Behar, who created the Jawbone Bluetooth headset.

“Motorcycles, while generally more fuel-efficient than cars, individually represent a higher emissions burden due to the lack of widespread emissions reduction equipment required in modern cars,” states the Mission One Website. “In fact, new motorcycles can produce up to 15 times the emissions per mile as a new car or SUV. Changing a vehicle’s operating fuel is just one small piece of the transition that we need to make as we bring our vehicle into accord with earth’s needs.”

And, yes, speed fans, the company is now taking reservations.

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