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Millionaires’ taxis adopt offsetting

planeFor those of you not familiar with the concept, NetJets is kind of like a taxi system for your everyday millionaire. For a modest fee, you can avoid those pesky departure lounges and head off to the beach without having to endure that overweight so-and-so crushing you against the window. Of course, environmentally speaking, personal jets are a little like going to the coffee shop down the road in a fleet of Humvees (one for you, one for your wallet, a third to carry your latte).

NetJets Europe appears to have recognised this fact and is now implementing 100% carbon offsets for all new owners and renewals from October 1st. Existing owners will be offered to opt-in to the scheme, they tell us. It’s all part of the company’s goal to be 100% carbon neutral by 2012, and it’s embarked on a wide range of initiatives to do so, according to its climate change site.

Every little helps, innit?