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Microsoft endorses Moofing (????)

Fancy learning a new verb made up by the American business people of this world? No? Thought not. Me neither.

Moofing means working from home – which Greenbang hasn’t blogged much about yet, but he does quite a lot of.

So he’s truly sorry this is the first piece. But check out this pile of old arse:

If the simple matter of getting to work has become an increasing challenge this summer maybe now is the time to consider changing you work habits and start working more flexibly or “Moofing,” as it is now becoming known. If you haven’t yet considered it here are some reasons why you should.

Extreme weather causing Summer chaos: This summer has seen floods of epic proportions, focused on central England but causing widespread disruption across the country.

Train prices start to soar: Just last week the government announced that the price of rail fares is set to rise at above inflation rates for the next decade, with transport costs eating up a significant percentage of people’s salaries maybe it is time to start working away from the office

Summer Strikes: This summer has been riddled with train strikes with SilverLink planning further strikes over the summer months, making getting to and from the office even more stressful

Summer gridlock: Although avoiding the trains may seem like a good plan due to school summer holidays roads are likely to be pretty congested, in particular along the key airport routes and the M25 London belt

Summer love: Are you concerned you don’t see enough of your partner/kids especially over the summer holiday period – working flexibly will free up time for those summer BBQs and quality time with loved ones

Summer weather: What summer weather? With hardly any sustained sunshine forecast until next year, the last thing anyone wants to do is waste the precious sunny spells in the office. Working flexibly will let you enjoy the sun as and when it appears

If you would like more information on Moofing or to speak to a Microsoft spokeperson about the Moofing concept do let us know.

Thanks but Greenbang would rather jump out of the window (ground floor flat).

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