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Meet the ‘best for the world’ businesses

Businesses that have won B Corporation certification for their social and environmental impact aren’t necessarily the best in the world, but they are among the best for the world, the organization asserts.

The B Corporation, which assesses companies on social and environmental performance, has come out with its 2013 list of Best for the World Honorees. Categorized by size — mid-size, small or micro — this year’s “best-for” businesses include:

  • Echale a Tu Casa, a social housing production company based in Mexico City, which earned a top overall B score of 167 in the mid-size business (50-plus employees) category;
  • Impact Makers, a Virginia-based IT and management consulting service focused on the healthcare industry, with a top overall B score of 159 in the small business (10 to 49 employees); and
  • One Earth Designs, a company based in Hong Kong that develops and markets technologies like solar ovens and generators for people without access to clean and affordable energy. It earned a top overall B score of 165 in the micro business (0 to nine employees) category.

“All B Corps strive to be the best for the world,” notes the B Corporation’s website. “They set the bar for businesses seeking to have a positive social and environmental impact, scoring 25% higher than nearly 2,000 other sustainable businesses on the B Impact Assessment. By scoring in the top 10% of all B Corps, the (honorees) truly are the Best of the Best.”

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