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Masdar and Virgin buy petrol and recycling firm

546793_post-it_note_sold.jpgGreenbang is in pieces after a heavy night on the tiles of London town last night.

It’s very lonely at Greenbang Towers on Oxford St today as people have disappeared on holiday and gone off sick. And this morning, there just happens to be a whole feast of news and blogs to get through.

This is first on the list – the Masdar Clean Tech Fund and the Virgin Green Fund have bought DuraTherm – a petrol-and-metal recycling business based in Texas City, TX.

We don’t know how much for though.

DuraTherm recycles either at its facility in Texas City or with its mobile units at a customer’s site, recovering metal and oil values from waste.

Very smart.

Kevin Trant has been hired as CEO. According to this press release I’m re-hashing, he was previously with Siemens Water Technologies where he was EVP (?) of its Services and Products Group.

Mr Trant – can we interview you please?

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