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Marshalls joins carbon labelling bandwagon

Marshalls, the hard landscaping company, claims it will have the largest number of carbon labelled products anywhere in the world. Using the Carbon Trust’s official Carbon Reduction Label, all 503 of its domestic landscaping products will be marked.

Marshalls said:

“Labelling a few products allows consumers to see the carbon footprint, but it limits the options of choosing a product with a smaller footprint if there’s nothing to compare it to. A single methodology and defined labelling scheme across all industries is key to accelerating consumer confidence and support, and we challenge the rest of the industry to follow.”

Carbon Trust CEO Tom Delay said:

“Our aim with the label has always been to bridge the gap between carbon conscious businesses and their consumers.”

There’s lot’s of question marks about just how anyone can accurately measure the carbon footprint of products but a spokesperson for the Carbon Trust told Greenbang it uses a wide variety of data covering the amount of CO2 generated during the manufacturing process, CO2 emissions of all transport used and the CO2 which the product might emit during its life.

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