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Marquiss picks up $1.3m for turbines

sky.jpgGreenbang has to chastise Marquiss Wind Power a bit. It’s business, you see, is manufacturing roof-top wind turbines. Since noticing the company has attracted $1.3 million in funding, Greenbang has been troubled with the earworm “Up On The Roof”, most recently “re-imagined” by Robson and Jerome.Argh.But back to the matter in hand. The company has hoovered up the $1.3 million from Strategis Early Ventures and Velocity Venture Capital.

“Marquiss is well-positioned to offer a unique product at a time when the public and private sectors are focused on developing clean energy alternatives,” said Jack Crawford Jr., General Partner with Velocity Venture Capital, which led the Series A round. “With an experienced management team led by Paul Misso, this Sacramento-area company is leading the way in a multibillion market that is shifting from just centralized wind power generation – big wind farms — to distributed wind power generation solutions. The timing is ideal.”Tests of the turbines demonstrate excellent power production compared to other alternative energy sources, providing a quicker payback that can range from two years to seven years, depending on the purchaser’s existing utility rates. The wind power ties into utility grids and interacts seamlessly with customer’s existing power supply.“We are very pleased with the reception we have received from the investor community and businesses that want to embrace clean energy,” said Paul Misso, CEO of Marquiss Wind Power. “Our technology delivers real savings and allows businesses to meet their power needs while using less fossil fuel.”

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