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Marks and Sparks: Greenest brand

grass.jpg‘These are not just flesh-coloured, reinforced-gusset period pants, there are M&S flesh- coloured, reinforced-gusset period pants…’ Greenbang thought that Marks and Sparks was best known for selling Britain’s underwear and gastro-porn adverts, but no, apparently, it’s also the top in the FTSE 100 for green brand-ness.

Apparently, according to a survey of opinion formers (Greenbang thought that everyone formed opinions but apparently it’s actually a select group that can bear the moniker) by PR firm Chatsworth Communications, M&S topped the chart of greeness brands once again, despite an increasing distaste for greenwash amongst those opinion formers.

Here’s some more highlights from the survey:

· BP (38%), Tesco (21%) and British Airways (10%) are still considered to be most guilty of ‘greenwash’ by respondents

· Marks and Spencer (51%) remains the top ‘green winner,’ followed by new entrant BSkyB (9%) and HSBC (7%) which continues to lead in the banking sector. BT Group (6%) are another new entrant

· Tesco, Unilever and BP are no longer considered green winners by opinion formers

· 40% of respondents believed that Marks and Spencer had run the best-publicised green campaign in the last six months, although 10% believe them guilty of greenwash

· BP, which had the most heard about green campaign six months ago, has dropped considerably from 40% last year to 14%

· Half of respondents believe that the current level of media coverage is contributing to green fatigue amongst the general public

· David Cameron (41%) is seen to be the political leader most committed to environmental change policies, followed by Nick Clegg (30%) and Gordon Brown (28%)

· National governments (48%) are expected to take the lead on environmental issues, followed by the individual (19%)</blockquote>

(Incidentally, next time Chatsworth needs to chat to opinion formers, Greenbang’s door is open. She can form opinions with the best of them…. Custard creams are a superior biscuit…. See? She did it just then.)

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  • Nick Murray-Leslie
    Posted April 22, 2008 at 4:07 pm

    re: comment in your pay off paragraph – you are quite right!

    Chatsworth will revise next time to “opinion leaders”. This is our attempted wrapper for the good ladies and gentlemen who write about, broadcast and generally have an influence on us all as consumers.

    All the best and keep up the good work,

    Nick Murray-Leslie
    Director, Chatsworth

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