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Making the right response in uncertain times

The changing climate and issues of sustainability are no longer the only issues that are informing corporate decisions around climate strategy. The economic slowdown and increasing global uncertainty are problems that influence any environmental strategist.

Green Business Events are running a conference, called Green Strategy ’08, exploring how companies can get their houses in order so they can come out of the recession with even stronger sustainability processes.

Its all happening at The Royal Institution of Great Britain on the 27 November and, with speakers like Jan Muehlfeit and John Sauven from Microsoft and Greenpeace respectively, it looks set to be an informative day.

Since Greenbang is a media partner at the event, the nice guys at Green Business Events are offering Greenbang readers an extra £50 off the already discounted early-bird discount.  Don’t say that we don’t do anything nice for you.

You can find out more here.

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