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Maine to build 132MW, $270m wind farm

Wind turbineGreenbang’s been trying to think up stories of Maine for a new wind farm project that’s finally going ahead there.  20 minutes and a glass of wine into the quest she’s realised she knows nothing of the place aside from Stephen King’s books are all set there and Mash’s Hawkeye came from the US state.

So she’s just going to ignore the attempt at a bad anecdote, get on with the story and have another glass of wine.

The state on the top right corner of the US map has given final approval to a $270 million wind power project in its western mountains.  According to Sea Coast Online:

TransCanada Maine Wind Development Inc. (a lot of thought went into the title) plans to erect 44 wind turbines on and near Kibby Mountain, just east of Coburn Gore. If built today, the 132-megawatt project would be New England’s largest wind farm, generating enough electricity to power 50,000 homes. The company has said it hopes to have the wind farm fully operational by the fall of 2010.

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