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Lowestoft wave tech gets Trident tested

water2.jpgThe Trident machine sounds like it possibly destroy entire civilisations in the single press of deranged dictator’s finger upon a big, red button.Sounds like that but thankfully isn’t. It is a bit of wave tech kit to be tested by Trident Energy on the Suffolk coast. Trident has put its hands up for permission to test its prototype machinery just off Southwold.The Lowestoft Journal has the skinny:

The trial equipment, being built at a Lowestoft boatyard, consists of a small platform, measuring about 15 metres square, supported by submerged pontoons anchored to the sea bed. The platform uses an entirely novel and British-invented noiseless technology to convert the massive potential energy of sea waves to electricity.

Aside from its stealthy silence, the tech is also worth a mention for being able to work in weak waves. Perfect for the South coast, then.