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Lowering your pet’s carbon pawprint

Greenbang is feeling rather down, as it’s now the fourth day that his cat has been missing. He’s been prowling the neighbourhood night after night looking for him, but no luck so far…

But if (when!) Mac turns up again, this is what Greenbang’s gonna feed him:

OrganiPets premium, complete organic dog and cat food is not only healthy and delicious for your pet, it is environmentally friendly too!

Made in Britain most of the ingredients used are locally sourced in the UK, which reduces unnecessary food miles and supports British farmers. Its stunning branding makes it ‘stand out’ from the crowd. And its contemporary packaging is designed and made in the UK from sustained forests and is recyclable.

With nearly 7 million dogs and over 9.5 million cats in the UK a switch to OrganiPets could really make a difference.