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Low Carbon Accelerator invests £900,000 in RLtec

748507_the_almighty_dollar_2.jpgLow Carbon Accelerator, which is a company although the name doesn’t really indicate that, has invested a further £900,000 in ResponsiveLoad Limited.

RLtec develops grid-management technology to increase the energy efficiency of the whole electricity supply chain.

Products fitted with RLtec’s Controller can detect the state of the grid and ensure that the device, for example a refrigeration unit, subtly changes its consumption times to reduce the need for standby generation.

US energy supply companies have also confirmed that the RLtec technology has several potential applications that could be adopted within the existing infrastructure. RLtec are now working with the supply chain in the US to generate commercial demand response projects.

Dr Stephen Mahon, Chief Investment Officer of Low Carbon Investors, LCA’s Investment Manager, who sits on the board of RLtec, said: “The global market for demand response products is estimated at approximately $15 billion per annum. The growth in this market is driven by increasing electricity demand, the need to operate grids more efficiently and with greater stability when renewable energy is integrated, and a need to reduce carbon emissions and costs.

“LCA’s investment will enable RLtec to deliver commercial opportunities and continue marketing in the UK, US and South Africa whilst further develop licensing opportunities in white goods and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning markets.”

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