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Look at the solar-powered data centre

data-centre.jpgData centres are a bit like Paris Hilton – they’re getting all the headlines these days.

But check out this – a data centre that runs on solar power. Our pal Jason, over at Ethical Jobs (see job section), reckons they’re a good bet.

Ecological Hosting says it’s an ethically run, reliable and responsible internet hosting company.

Paris Hilton doesn’t do that, Greenbang’s pretty sure.

“We are a small, friendly, family-run business providing services with a personal touch. All our servers, offices and the data centre we use operate on renewable energy.

Our main hosting environment operates from a data centre running on solar power with a solar panel array capable of generating upto sixty kilowatt-hours of electricity each day.

We are the only UK company (to our knowledge) offering hosting based in a data centre facility powered entirely by solar energy.

With prices starting at just £23.50 per year, there really is no reason to ignore your conscience. Make the switch today and help protect our environment.”

Will others follow suit? You tell le Greenbang…

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