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London’s tape amnesty


Morning Greenbangers

Got a big day ahead, a ton of deadlines, a few meetings and no doubt a hundred calls from PRs to juggle. But this just caught my eye…

Obviously it suits the company, Adstream, to do this – so let’s watch out for the real motives. The guy in the photo just happens to have a company T-Shirt on. Bless.

But then again, so many companies are now trying to do the right thing in a bid to stay in the business world.

Adstream, provider of digital asset management and distribution services for the global advertising market, has launched an International Tape Amnesty.

On Wednesday (13 June) a team of Adstream staff visited a number of broadcasters and agencies around London, including the BBC, Sky, Buena Vista and Mother, in a bid to raise the awareness of the environmental damage caused by tapes. Adstream collected 4 tonnes (roughly 20,000) of tapes and now plans to roll-out this campaign internationally to its offices throughout Europe. All of the redundant tapes are going to be recycled and turned into pads and pencils and sent to underprivileged schools in the UK and abroad – as well as to participating companies.

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  • Phil J
    Posted June 19, 2007 at 5:11 pm

    Great news, but keep an eye out for this technology that permits powering all manner of enabled devices via a wireless induction pad. has more.

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