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London Zoo hosts recycled animal sculptures

Timed to coincide with the Frieze Art Fair, just next-door at the London Zoo a different kind of exhibition is taking place.

The Recycled Sculpture Show is an exhibition of 21 sculptures that will be auctioned to raise funds to support worldwide animal conservation at ZSL London Zoo.

Pieces include a great white hub-cap shark, ceramic trees made of human ashes and a wooden horse that evokes Damien Hirst without all of that icky formaldehyde.

The exhibition has focused on raising awareness of worldwide animal conservation re-using only wasted resources and salvaged materials in creating animal sculptures.

Providing much thought about recycling and the interdependence of animals and humans, the show will end when the online auction ends on Monday 20th October.

For those interested in seeing the exhibition, you can gain free entry between 3.30pm – 4.30pm by simply texting ART followed by the day you want to visit and your full name to 80876. This offer applies to these dates only. 150 names will be chosen at random per day.

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