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Logicalis joins the Green Grid

logo_gg.gifThe jury’s still out there on the Green Grid and whether it will actually deliver anything. IT companies are fond of setting up an association or two when there’s a bit of noise around it, but you have to wonder why.

S’all about brand association.

Take the IT security industry – well, okay, it’s not the most exciting of topics, but there are tons of working groups all linked to the big vendors. The Anti-Phishing Working Group, for example, was set up to combat, yes you’ve guessed it, phishing and email fraud. There’s about 30 brand logos on the site and it looks a bit cluttered.

Saying that, they’re still going and holding after a couple of years what looks like a big event this October.


Hopefully, and being the optimist, things will work out well for the Green Grid. But we’ll see. Here’s what they’re up to in full:

Logicalis, an international provider of integrated Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions, has become a member of the Green Grid, a consortium of information technology companies and professionals, seeking to lower the overall consumption of power in data centres around the globe.

Consortium membership furthers Logicalis’ commitment to the environment, and builds on its recent ISO14001 environmental standards accreditation for its work in helping to reduce the effects of global warming through more intelligent use of IT.

Tom Kelly, Managing Director, Logicalis UK said, “We look forward to joining our partners – IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, HP and BT – and other technical experts globally, in helping to create a clear roadmap for data centre efficiency and improved environmental practise.”

“Logicalis is committed to helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint. We already offer subsidised environmental impact training, and with our partner Global Action Plan we are embarking on a research survey that will assist and inform further on the challenge of the environmental impact of IT systems.”

The Green Grid is an independent, not for profit consortium of information technology companies and professionals. Its founding members include HP, Cisco, IBM and Microsoft.

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