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Lib Dems: UK carbon neutral by 2050, maybe

libThe Liberal Democrat party – the UK parliament’s perennial underdogs – has published proposals to make the country carbon neutral by 2050. Plans include improving public transport networks, a government commitment to 100% carbon-free non-nuclear electricity, and a whole range of green taxes and green incentives.

All well and good. Except a) the Lib Dems are unlikely to get into government much before 2050; b) beyond some woolly statements about promoting this and incentivising that, there is little to explain how that 100% of carbon-free electricity is to be generated; and c) it would all be more convincing if it wasn’t wrapped up in endless guff about the UK leading the world. Read for yourself here.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth (or not), Greenbang readers will be gratified to learn that 76% of UK rivers were of good biological quality last year, the same proportion as in 2005. And the 76% were also of good chemical quality, compared with 74% the year before. The Environment Agency seems to think the news all very positive. But three-quarters does not sound particularly high (unless you live in China, that is)…

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