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Let’s hear your Bright Ideas for energy savings

lit-bulbBritish energy company npower is seeking ideas from people across the country on innovative ways to save energy.

The Britain’s Bright Ideas campaign is based on an npower-commissioned study that found 40 per cent of Britons believe they have come up with a great idea or invention they hope could make them rich. The survey also found that 40 per cent of all adults say the current recession has inspired them to try inventing something, and that just over one in four men (26 per cent) regularly create an invention of some sort.

Energy savings is another inspiration for many: the npower study found that 36 per cent of the British public is intent on coming up with contraptions to reduce household bills and energy consumption. A full 82 per cent agree that energy-saving ideas should receive more support.

And where does inspiration most often strike? For 46 per cent of would-be inventors, ideas flourish best when they are in bed … although 16 per cent of men say their light bulb moment tends to arrive while they’re on the loo.

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