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Let in the light … and the electricity

Plain old glass windows that just sit there and let the light into your home or office? Bah! A California company says you can do much better with see-through photovoltaic glass windows that insulates while generating electricity.

Hollywood-based Rainbow Solar Inc. (RSi) says its windows are the first building-integrated photovoltaic product of its kind, adding, “it will likely become the standard for future homes.”

The PV-glass window generates anywhere from 80 to 250 watts of power while reducing heating and cooling costs by nearly half, according to RSi. The windows can be produced in all sizes up to 9-by-9 feet (2.74 meters square), can be adapted to various building code, climate and design requirements and can even come with fire- and bullet-proofing, the company says.

The windows can also be made with “smart-home” technology that can convert the entire pane into a light panel or shade it with a built-in electrical privacy panel.

In a review of the PV window, Eco-tects’ management team said, “The possibilities of this technology are staggering. It represents a giant step in the direction of ‘living buildings’ — a cherished goal of the green building movement.”

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