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LED guilt


Greenbang avoided a call she didn’t want to take this morning – saw it come in, recognised the number and ignored it. And because she didn’t want to listen to the resulting voicemail message, she let the light on the answer phone blink and blink, for several hours.
And then she considered the environmental impact of the light blinking and wondered how much energy she had wasted by ignoring the charmless tool who called earlier and letting that LED flash for so long.

After adding timewasting to her energy-wasting crime by spending 20 minutes trying to find the energy consumption of an LED, Greenbang still hadn’t come up with a figure.

Every cloud though, eh? Greenbang did find out that apparently, LED light bulbs can reduce energy consumption by 10 per cent, compared to incandescent bulbs,

You can even work out your energy savings from switching to LED here.

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