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Last week’s top stories

Welcome to Monday. The weekend’s over, sigh, and now the week looms. In a new Greenbang feature, we’ll highlight some of last week’s most popular stories (of course, the really big story is in this incredible Rugby World Cup, but that’s a story for the pub).

The really big story on Greenbang was HSBC’s new climate change index, which is designed to reflect and track the stock market performance of key companies that are best placed to profit from the challenges presented by climate change. Greenbang’s in touch with HSBC to find out more, so we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, more info here.

Another biggie was a post about cutting the costs of solar, based on news from a recent solar energy conference in California, which highlighted ways that firms are working to make the economics of solar energy a big more attractive. And be sure to check out the great Wall Street Journal story on all of this (which very kindly links to Greenbang).

Finally, there seemed to be much interest in DIY star Tommy Walsh, who has installed a solar system from Green Frog Solar (yes, really) in his new eco-home. Great stuff.

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