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Las Vegas: From adult playground to green playground?


Greenbang has spent many happy days in Las Vegas (although has so far missed out on seeing the Flying Elvi, to her chagrin). But it seems plans are afoot to turn the state of Nevada and haven of all things tack into a green playground.

The smarter half of the Clinton partnership has been on the campaign trail this week, talking up all things renewable, here:

“We have all this empty federal land in Nevada. It should be packed with wind turbines and solar panels,” [Hilary Clinton] said.
Her remarks at the town hall meeting came a day after she and other Democratic presidential hopefuls barely touched on Western issues – like water, grazing and mining – at a debate in Las Vegas.”

Las Vegas in all its glory has always been a bit of a conundrum. In a city where people are paid to get rid of their lawns due to water restrictions, how do so many golf courses survive?

Greenbang will ponder that one whilst doubling down.